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The Minnesota Hay Bank’s year-end fundraiser has begun! From December 1 – December 31, all proceeds raised will go directly to five (5) certified Minnesota horse rescues: Hightail Horse & Rescue, Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation, Sundown Horse Shelter, This Old Horse, Inc. and Truhaven Ranch, Inc.

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There are certain animals that cross our paths and change EVERYTHING. Here is one for you to know. Her name is Sally. And here is the most beautiful eulogy we have ever read. XOXO to Sally and everyone who loved her.

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Some news to share, with a heavy heart. Our muse, our founding dog and our best gal - the irrepressible Sally - passed away last Friday, leaving a legacy as wide as her smile.

Who was she? She came to us in 1998, back when pit bulls wore a scarlet letter and suffered the consequences of breed stereotypes and misinformation. She seemed to know that we needed a little levity in a world that had started to lose its heart for dogs. She was supposed to be a visitor, but unpacked her bags and before we knew it, staked her claim as a monolithic influence in our personal lives and catalyst for our organization.

She was our four legged Google before Google existed; our touchstone for dogs from her tribe. We weren’t exactly sure what a pit bull was - we still aren’t - but Sally was happy to take on the role of ambassador of a forgotten country that was begging to be explored. We built BADRAP's message and key programs around the lessons she graciously offered. Along the way, her beauty inspired her favorite human (Tim Racer) to take up chisels and memorialize her and then other beloved dogs in wood carousel sculptures.

With a larger than life personality, she had no concept of personal boundaries and was unapologetically obsessed with people - ‘over socialized,’ we joked. She screamed like a lovesick banshee when she heard the voices of people she knew. When she reached them, she scrambled to taste them, slurping straight up surprised nostrils with ecstatic, impatient licks.

We didn’t train Sally; we worked out agreements with Sally. “Sit calmly until the child is ready to touch you and then you can have a tiny kiss.” She’d tremble, working against every fiber in her being to keep her butt on the ground so she could earn her prize moment.

She was bold, bawdy and uninhibited and she revelled in being alive, beating back cancer for ten of her 17 years. She body surfed in the Pacific and knew how to catch the best waves and ride them to shore like a pro. She never once took the winding path down to the beach; instead, she plowed down the side of the steepest dune so she could get to the water first. When she tired, she’d find a quiet perch and stare out at the horizon as if reading a sonnet in the waves. When she slept, she curled her heavy head in the crook of an elbow and rumbled softly, occasionally peeking with a twinkling brown eye to solicit a kiss.

In 2007, she nearly derailed our much anticipated assignment to assess the survivors of Bad Newz Kennels by falling very ill and sporting a suspicious mass deep in her bowels, just as we were making our flights to Virginia. Then, after noting our double distress, she granted us permission to travel by dutifully pooping out a plastic toy car in its entirety - Crisis averted. (Thank you, Sally.)

She schooled the Vick dogs as soon as they arrived in CA. To her, they were just dogs - and she reminded us of that right away. She took great pleasure in humping good manners into Jonny Rotten aka Jonny Justice and in pissing far above Hector’s pee spots, aiming for a target as high as her business end could reach. “You’re welcome here, new dog. But just don’t forget who the Queen is.” They politely deferred, so she gave them straight A’s.

To Sally, Life was one long party with momentary pauses along the way. She marched in the SF Pride Parade nearly 13 years in a row, convinced that the fanfare of waving, screaming spectators had assembled just for her. She zig zagged and pulled as hard as she could towards the throbbing music and sun oiled bodies and she always managed to end up in the lap of one or more of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - naturally.

Despite her hurricane nature, she was also tender and affectionate and sensitive. Too strong of a reprimand horrified her, and she felt responsible for restoring peace when her humans argued or swore. She schooled hundreds of foster dogs and counted many as her best friends, but she took no guff from ill-mannered dogs. After finding two boy pups fighting over food in HER kitchen, she body slammed both dogs across the room in different directions. Conversation over and done.

All and none of these traits marked her as a pit bull. She was Sally before she was a dog, and she was a dog before she was a pit bull; a force of nature who blew into our world and rattled us awake, then wagged her way back home 17 deliciously happy years later.

'Rest in Peace' is not a fitting epitaph for this game changer. Rather: "Long may you rail and adventure around the cosmos. Thank you dearly for stopping by and including us in your exciting travels.”

Sally Racer 1998-2015. Long live the Queen. — with Michele Perez.


Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition - MNHWC
January 28, 2015 at 11:45 am

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Petunia makes us smile on this last Monday of January (yay!!).

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Petunia really likes her belly rubs :)

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Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition - MNHWC
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Beautiful Jake and his person Cherie of Sundown Horse Shelter will be celebrating the snow on Sunday, January 25th at Eagle Valley Golf Course in Woodbury, Minnesota at 12 p.m. The public is invited to watch this remarkable event. This will be Jake's last sleigh event since he is getting older, and Cherie doesn't want to ask him to pull such heavy loads in the future. Come join Cherie, Jake and others to watch this spectacular specimen of a horse in his glory (he loves the snow)! And let's hope Jake takes home a ribbon!!

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