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GIVE TO THE MAX day is Thursday, November 13. Please consider a gift directly to the Minnesota Hay Bank by making a secure, tax-deductible donation here

Slide1FAQs about Give to the Max Day

Q: Why doesn’t the Minnesota Hay Bank participate at the Give to the Max website?

A: The Minnesota Hay Bank is a program of the MN Horse Welfare Coalition, for which the Animal Humane Society, a 501(c)(3), serves as our fiscal agent. This means all funds raised are tax-deductible and go directly to the Minnesota Hay Bank to feed horses, even though we are not a stand-alone, 501(c)(3).

Q: Why hasn’t the Minnesota Hay Bank registered as a 501(c)(3)?

A: We have elected to focus our all-volunteer organization on providing the highest-quality programing to help horses, while keeping our administrative costs very low. By partnering with Animal Humane Society, we leverage our financial and volunteer resources and significantly reduce our administrative costs. This, we are happy to report, means your donations goes directly to horses — not IRS filings, registration fees and other expenses.

Please join us in our work to improve the lives of horses by making a tax-deductible donation today.


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Feed tainted with dangerous drug killing horses


Horses at a Davie boarding farm and riding school, worth thousands of dollars, are dying one by one. The apparent culprit: Tainted feed.

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MHU/HQ Webcast: Second Chances for Horses

Date: Nov. 25, 2014

Time: 7-8 p.m. EST

Location: Online Webinar

FREE WEBCAST! Rescues have increased in both number and importance to the US horse industry, even as we come out of the economic recession. Horses enter rescues for a variety of reasons. Some are there because they have not met expectations at the track or show ring. Others enter due to financial issues and some may have experienced neglect or abuse. Often, the new owner must rehabilitate a rescued horse with little to no background in the horse's health, temperament or training. This webinar will discuss health care issues specific to the rescued horse as well as day to day management and re-training.

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Second chances for horses webinar


Register now for the November 25 webinar to learn about the care and training of the rescued horse.

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You know what this means to us? That if we take just a little time to help another with the talents we've been given, it really can make all the difference in the world.

Thanks to you all for sharing your talents and gifts to help animals, particularly our cherished equines.


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Groomer Shaves Homeless Dog. What She Found Underneath All That Hair Made My Eyes Tear Up.


You have to see this!

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Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition - MNHWC shared Horse Crazy Market's photo.

We love Willette Pictures. Brady Willette was instrumental in helping the Coalition raise awareness of the Fillmore County humane case in late 2012. He took pictures of emaciated horses in quarantine at the University of Minnesota. We are always grateful for his service to help horses.

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Timeline Photos

We are thrilled to have Brady Willette on board this year with his sublimely beautiful Willette Fine Art... While he does gorgeous work in other realms, it is his images of horses that move us.
You are going to love his work!

By: Horse Crazy Market