Castration Clinic

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition held its 7th Annual Castration Clinic on May 9, 2015, in Cambridge, Minnesota at the Isanti County Fairgrounds. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who volunteered for and donated to this important event. This would not be possible without the financial supporters of this important service.

Vets and students work on a stallion at the 7th Annual Castration Clinic in May 2015.

Vets and students work on a stallion at the 7th Annual Castration Clinic in May 2015. (Photo credit: Brady Willette.)

With the support of our community, we are actively working to reduced the number of unwanted horses. Since the free clinics started in the spring of 2009:

  • 122 stallions have been castrated, with ages ranging from 4 months to 19 years, including:

38 Miniature horses, 21 Quarter horses, 13 Mustangs, 10 Pintos, 8 Arabians, 8 Paints horses, 7 Miniature donkeys, 3 Shetland ponies, 2 Haflingers, 2 Saddlebreds, 1 Welsh pony, 1 Tennessee Walking horse, 1 Friesian, 1 Appaloosa, 1 grade horse, 1 Hackney pony, 1 Norwegian Fjord, 1 Peruvian Paso, 1 Clydesdale, and 1 donkey, ;

  • 129 veterinary students, 30 veterinary technician students have gained valuable field-experience and training;
  • $30,000 saved in castration fees for financially strapped Minnesota stallion owners; and
  •  3,000 potential foals have been eliminated.

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A stallion is checked over in preparation for his procedure. (Photo credit: Brady Willette.)

To participate in the clinic, horse and jack (male donkey) owners must have meet the following criteria:

Vet students get hands-on experience to perform all aspects of the castration under the close supervision of DVMs.

  • Referred by a certified horse rescue, humane agent or their veterinarian based on an economic hardship;
  • Minnesota residents;
  • Stallions must be halter broke with two descended testicles, and at least 4 months of age (there is no upper agelimit);
  • Each horse must have at least one adult or qualified handler with them at all times. (If bringing multiple horses, multiple handlers are required.);
  • For safety reasons, no children under the age of 12 are allowed onsite;
  • No dogs allowed; and
  • Castrations must be scheduled in advance.

To inquire about a future clinic: Contact Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota, at 612‐625‐6776 or to inquire about our next clinic date and location.

Make a donation: It costs the Coalition approximately $122.00/castration. We are actively seeking donations to fund this important program so we can provide castrations to as many horse owners as possible. To make a financial contribution, please contact Erin or Allison at the Animal Human Society, at 763‐412‐4957.  Be sure to specify that your donation is for the equine castration clinic.

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition’s Equine Castration Clinic is supported by a grant from the Unwanted Horse Coalition, the Minnesota Humane Society, in-kind contributions from the Animal Humane Society, and the generous time and other in-kind donations of Coalition volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who made the clinic a success!