Donor Profiles

Let’s face it — taking proper care of horses requires a lot of money.

Our donors are critical to our ability to reach horses in need. From the Minnesota Hay Bank to the Minnesota Castration Clinic, donor gifts go directly to help keep horses healthy. We are grateful to all our donors!

Minnesota Hay Bank Donor — Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club (Woodbury, MN)

Constant and supportive — that’s what the Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club has been to the Minnesota Hay Bank since our founding in 2012. This amazing horse club and its charitable Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.30.10 PMcommittee expresses its unwavering commitment to horse welfare in the donations it consistently sends all year long.

Windy Ridge Ranch (Woodbury, MN) is home to the Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club, which sponsors activities including: fun horse shows, schooling shows, a Drill Team, a junior equestrian team (the JETs), competitions at county shows and the MN State Fair, and more.

We are grateful for this horse club’s support — every donation they’ve made has made a difference in the lives of horses.


Minnesota Hay Bank Corporate Donor — Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center40152_159788184054715_2296402_n

Since DAY 1, Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center has supported the Minnesota Hay Bank. Their commitment to horse welfare is evident in their yearly support with a grant to the Minnesota Hay Bank.

Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center’s focus is to supply higher quality nails, shoes, and rasps for the different segments in the equine industry. The strategy behind this approach is that the higher the quality of the product, the better the work of the farrier becomes.

Delta Mustad’s believes that high quality horseshoeing improves the well-being of the horse. The company is  engaged with farrier education and product innovation. Together with farriers, riders and veterinarians new products and services are being developed.

Visit Delta Mustad on Facebook, and tell them “Thank you” for supporting the Minnesota Hay Bank!


Minnesota Hay Bank Donor — Cathy (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Q: How did you become involved with horses? Cathy and Magic

A: I like to think my love of horses came from my grandmother – she was the one who drove the family’s team of horses on their farm as she was the only one they’d listen to!  I grew up in northern Indiana and,as a child, I adored watching Westerns. At the age of 12 I started taking riding lessons and I continued to ride up until college at Indiana University.  My childhood riding instructor taught me rudiments ofplaying polo, and I once rode bareback in the circus. My childhood neighbor owned a local track and stable of harness horses, so my mother would take me to watch them train in the mornings.

Q: How have horses been in your life recently?

A: Over the past few years I have adopted two rescue horses from the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation: a 24-year old Arabian mare named Valentina (who sadly has since passed away from complications of colic) and, more recently, an Arabian gelding named “Black Magic” who was trained by Rachel Walker and who won 5th place overall at the 2012 MHARF Trainer’s Challenge.

Q: Why do you support the Minnesota Hay Bank?

A: The Minnesota Hay Bank addresses such a critical need and yet the need for hay usually falls below the radar.  Horses require so much more to eat than cats or dogs.  In addition, long winters like Minnesota’s make natural grazing impossible.