Euthanasia Fund

Photo Courtesy of T.Thomas Photography

Photo Courtesy of T.Thomas Photography

MNHWC is developing a Euthanasia Fund program.

The Euthanasia Fund is being created to provide equines in need death with dignity. 


The Euthanasia Fund program is a cooperative effort bringing caring citizens together, through MNHWC, to help community members and rescues afford end-of-life decisions for equines.

The Euthanasia Fund helps owners provide horses with a compassionate, dignified end. It allows rescues to afford to care for more horses.  There comes a time to make a humane choice and the Euthanasia Fund helps lift some of the financial burden for owners and rescues throughout Minnesota.  Many horses suffer unnecessarily when responsible owners, that have fallen on hard times, do not have the means to do the best thing for the horse.

The community will be served in several ways — through vouchers to 501(c)3 rescues, reimbursement to veterinarians and disposal services on behalf of community members, and through educational opportunities for community members.

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For more information about knowing when it’s time and what your options are, visit our Resources page.