About Us

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition is a group of organizations, horse rescues, humane agents and individuals working to prevent horse neglect, abandonment and abuse.

Happy, Healthy HorseOur mission: Our sole mission is to prevent horse neglect, abandonment and abuse. We serve as a voice for horses and a resource for horse owners.

Our work: Our work is focused on helping people needing assistance to provide for their equines and to save equines from neglect and abuse through direct support, foster care, emergency assistance and public education.

The Coalition is comprised of teams dedicated to solving different aspects of the problem, including hay and feed assistance, temporary foster care, veterinary assistance, castration and euthanasia.

Our needs:  We invite anyone with the passion, ideas and energy to participate in our efforts. We are also continually seeking donations, financial or in-kind, to help support our programs. Every genuine offer of assistance is welcome and appreciated.